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MAGENTO is an ecommerce podium built on open source technology which grants online merchants with a ductile shopping cart system, as well as domination over the look, content and functionality of their online stoke. MAGENTO offers influential marketing, search engine optimization, and catalogue management tools. MAGENTO is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today, with editions ranging from association open source, to huge, large-scale enterprise SAS based systems. The MAGENTO community is acutely large and very helpful.
MAGENTO officially started development in early 2007. Seven months later, on August 31, 2007, the first public beta version was released The software was originally developed by Varien Inc., a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers. Varien, the company owning MAGENTO formerly worked with OS Commerce. It had originally planned to fork OS Commerce but later decided to rewrite it as MAGENTO. In February 2011, eBay announced it had made an investment in MAGENTO in 2010, worth a 49% ownership share of the company. On June 6, 2011, eBay announced that it would be acquiring the rest of MAGENTO, which would join its new X. Commerce initiative. MAGENTO's CEO and co-founder Roy Rubin wrote on the MAGENTO blog that "MAGENTO will continue to operate out of Los Angeles, with Yoav Kutner and me as its leaders". As a result of the breakup of eBay following Carl Icahn's raid, MAGENTO was spun out as an independent company by the Permira private equity fund on November 3, 2015.
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